Monday, October 12, 2009

Origins Of Contemporary Homelessness

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

SlideShare Presentation via Social Entreprenuership at Change dot org

Social media is two way interaction. We listen and then respond.
Response Ability........ This Author is also the blog moderator and
writer of the" Social Entrepreneurship" section of Change dot org.

Change dot org. has a number of active sub communities which
include Homelessness, Poverty , and an unstarted Affordable
Housing effort originated by Shannon Moriarty who is the moderator and writer for Homelessness.

Harness The Power Of Web 2.0

SlideShare Presentation: by Co-Founder of SlideShare dot net.
Speaking of Social marketing potential to Indian internet market.
Indian middle class numbers are around 300 million and
technology has the access to the internet in a bottleneck
limiting access for now. 30 million or 10% at this time.

Non Profit 2.0

SlideShare/ Generational sectors divided into sub-sections
And INACTIVES. Not included but from another presentation, the
US Population , 61% of households making less than $30,000. per year are connected.

Is the internet included in that 30% affordability ?

75% 0f Adults nationwide
85% age 30 - 49

Selling Good Works -- Marketing.

SlideShare : This presentation originates from Indiana.
Home to almost 35,000 non-profits. Less than half have
a strategy or business plan ,and about 27% have a web site.
Alliance mathematics expressed here is 1PLUS 1 = 3.

Content Creations Strategies for Nonprofits

SlideShare Presentation: very simple and to the point.
FOOD FOR THOUGHTS that will empower engagement
and action. Whatever is done becomes interactive with
compliments to the audience, not the chef.

Social, Serious and Selective.

SlideShare : Cause marketing for social change.
Eating disorders could possibly take offense at
the Food for thought example previously given.
But the point here is that specific communities
have a better way to reach each other than ever
before. Levels of desired privacy are and can be
built in to the social platform.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Social Media

SlideShare : Think of a Social Media website like a content
publisher. By the people for the people. Peer created,Peer
moderated. 70% of purchase decisions rely on word of mouth
from peers. This presentation has alot to share.

Quotes for Affordable Housing

Quotes by

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