Sunday, May 31, 2009

Micro Economic Business Model To Employ The Homeless

These people have done a wonderful job of creating
possibilities that could work places that allow street
vending . But look at it completely to really appreciate
the efforts .

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Harvard's Top Ten Ways to Green Your Scene

This presentation shows that doing good for the planet
does not require a PHD from Harvard. Just some daily
effort . If we reduce Energy consumption 33% by 2050
we will be using the same amount as we are using today.
It will be what we do with the rechanneled resources
between now and then that makes the big Difference.
So too you can see that something more like a major
change in Energy source is needed.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Students experience homelessness - for one night

Click on Whitman-Hanson to see the article
Whitman-Hanson students experience homelessness — for one night - Whitman, MA - Whitman Times

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I get the idea that one could get a PHD in persuing
homeless data. My real cynical side says to make
kids know that if they screw up this is what to expect.

If we trace the origin of homelessness by what
most people recall in the Bible as Exodus.
We then wonder if Pharoah kicked them out
as much as they might claim the freedom
viewpoint. Either side wins the debate.
The result being a people wandering in
the desert for a couple of generations.

What are we telling the children?
What are they saying? Do we tell them that
this country was built and populatedby
Europes cast offs, the wandering homeless
in the 1700's ,1800 and 1900's. This also
includes the radical religous sect's like Catholics,
Quakers and Puritans . Better to send them off
than the alternative. Early on around 1799 when
George Washington died, The likes of Jefferson
and Madison discussed this very fear. Some even
suggested involuntary servitude for anyone idle
and without land on which to then support
themselves. It took a few centuries for the
little guy to be counted.

I simply bring up a few questions that I
will try to elaborate upon for my own benefit.
If you had a national vote by Kids only ?
What would they tell us they want for their

Modern Homelessness can be traced back
to the Mental Institutions closing along
with law changes. But Government
reluctance to support and push affordable
housing thru zoning guidance is as much
the fault as anything else. We will happily
build and build Places of incarceration calling
it justice and progress. But releasing someone
out onto the street Homeless literally
guarentee's failure. Hardin,Montana has
the idea down pat.

I'll shut up for now,
Thanks and God Bless.

Facing your Fears.

“What I feared most for myself at your age was not poverty,
but failure.” “So why do I talk about the benefits of failure?

Simply because failure meant a stripping away of
the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that
I was anything other than what I was, and began to
direct all my energy into finishing the only work that
mattered to me. I was set free, because my greatest
fear had already been realized, and I was still alive,
and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and
I had an old typewriter and a big idea.”

J.K. Rowling

Seems it really does not matter who you or
for that matter who you think you are. Ouch!!
Anyone can become homeless and you are made
to either face yourself or find a way to escape the
pain. Its not nearly as painful after 11 months than
it was at the begining. I have learned to not discuss
something painful unless I am emotionally safe. I get
a greater sense of safety as time goes by. But I also
see a grieving process take place over time because
of my guarding my emotions which slows the process.

I get the poverty thing, actually learning that little
things add up and that I will somehow make it when
before I was really scared much of the time. I am
more afraid of letting you the reader in and seeing me
for who I am than being flat broke week after week.
Standing up for what I believe is important rather
than hoping you like me. Co-dependant to the core.
I can do something for you far easier than I can for
myself. The benefits of failure are real. Only
it's rather depressing while processing the feelings.

Then an Aha! moment arrives and the circuitous
route that brought me here begins to make sense.
Literally the only reason this is "Bad" is because I
tell myself that it is. The Aha moments wipe the
slate clean and allow me to know that I/we are
not alone. That there is a power greater than ______?
Me, thats for sure.

Spiritual growth can only be the purpose of all this.
Growth to just write . Express myself, see my words
in front of me. Own this experience as mine. Not a victim
but participant in the role God has given me. I Never promised
God I would go willingly as such. You dont get a written
invitation to this deal. Unless thats how you see eviction notices.

I like what Mrs.Rowling said .The guts to live your life
homeless has taken some time. Chasing the elusive hope
of housing when confronted with overwhelming reasons
you think it wont happen for you can be like a cat chasing
it's tail. Chasing down the details of your life
while you are homeless is like herding cats.
The Cats look at you like your crazy.

Thanks 4 now.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Baby Boomer Generation 1946/1964 80 million strong.
In 1996 they started turning 50 at the rate of 10,000 per day.

By 2026 they will start turning 80 yrs old, but not at the same
rate. This generation holds 70 % of the net worth of the USA.
In 1946 the USA was 6 % of the world population but made
50 % of all Goods manufactured. We grew up during the
time that EARTH DAY , EPA and H4H were just being started.
In 1970 we numbered 205 million and by 2050 that number
will have more than doubled to 430 million or so. Right now
in 2008 we are at 303 million which for comparison sake is
the same number as the entire Indian middle class. And we
would have to cancel Christmas if something happens to the
Chinese people . They are where we are getting the goods
manufactured today.

When we reach 2050 most all of the 80 million called Baby
Boomers will be gone. Their Children will take over the 65
and up population. 2008 may be the moment in time that
inexpensive energy becomes redefined. Many of the things
we took for granted are becoming redefined. A new lexicon
is being written because of emerging values . Being part of
that redefinition taking place will help insure that hearts
and minds are changed.

More than 230 million people of that 430 million est. for
2050 have yet to be born. If we reduced our energy use
by 33% over the next 42 years we would still be using the
same amount of energy as today. The price of housing will
continue upwards as will utilities to power them.

If living on the street causes depression as it tears down
the mental constructs of what was ,it makes way for what
can and will be. Only 73,000,000 who are here today
will be around in 2050. And still there will be more than
127,000,000 more than now. Seems to make me think
that all those SRO's are going to Senior Residence
OOOOOO. Oh ! somethings

Demonstrate,Involve and Empower.die

D. Change shows a hub and spoke configuration
similar to Federal/Express . Information flows in
and out of the Hub powered by thought. What is
it that you want to change?

I. Social networking goes out of its way to let you
have your say. Tell-a-friend built in so I can save
it to my email when I am on someone else's machine.

E. Share it widget so You can post it any darn place
you are already, or want to be. Someone said that it's
the thought that counts . Since you have'nt given me
permission to read your mind , click send please.

The template I call Change .org is like the
BATTLESTAR that is capable of launching CLONES
for specific causes which in turn ramp up the Monetizing
aspect which supports the REPLICATORS that are at
the local level. Franchizing the organizational framework
so that as an example: A Street Paper could be pasted
up such that National news is supplied in the regular
format by the Battlestar leaving local news to be inserted
by the Replicators. A partially created /Fill in the blanks
task. Www.NASNA.orG ( street newspaper.)

A 30 yr old report explains to me why the Template
prepares to strike when the media is hot. Tell me what
you think.


Thank You for Joining me today!

Got a email letting me know that Jerry over
at accepted my invitation to
join over at 's EndHomelessness.
The topics covered by a Ms. Moriarty impart a
sense of understanding that is refreshing.

Now how do we do that around Fairfax?
Impart a sense of "TRUST" that is refreshing.
As great an idea as "HOMELESS CONNECT"
is thats theoretically only one day a year. So
as refreshing as that event will be, it still wont
build a sense of community here locally. Go to for more info on "Homeless-
Connect" We create an online community
like these power point presentations describe.
I think I just uttered a suggestion.

Hey! Jerry. I just made you part of an online
community.'re it. !!

Trust Strategy...peer trust is self reinforcing

As someone who is "Homeless" , the feeling
of a great divide emotionally between others
and myself took a bit of getting used to.
I maybe shouldnt trust my feelings near as
much as I do since I have to sort them out
from a dysfunctional basis as well as a Boomer

But from slide 19/21 "Trust Drives" shows
a generational divide that supports that I
am dealing with both intertwined.

A dysfunctional generation we Boomers.
Boomers/ Tweeners as a group and the
GenX/Millenials as the more comfortable
with this Social Networking stuff. Creating
AFFORDABLE HOUSING for all ,the goal
the solution to END HOMELESSNESS.

And Just how do you do that when you
dont trust that Political Will stuff?

How Social Media has Changed Word of Mouth Marketing: Using the Internet to Build Long-Lasting Buzz about Your Brand.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Political Will versus Public Trust

Will I have to get a PHD in Homelessness to
understand the political rhetoric that passes
for information? As a person diagnosed with
Major Depression it can be a bit of a task to let
these words slip past without a meeting on just
the definitions . What did I just read?

The Penny Fund for Affordable Housing has
been cut in half for 2010. And yet but its not
being used for new ?Projects? Yet we call it
The Penny Fund not the 1/2 a Penny remnant.

Everything I have gleaned here online says to
keep the postings short . Check out the web site (Subscribe 2 Newsletter)
(join as a paid member) , Tell your Church about

Does this Fund have anything directly to do with
the 10 year plan? How will THAT be funded? Do
we have a 10 year plan with political will behind
it? Or will it be like a law that has no enforcement
budget. A lion with no teeth .

I realize that I need to study the plan that has been
written in which "HOSTS" will be created that are
the doorways into the "Housing First" model. Okay.
But I believe its a legitimate concern. How are we
going to keep the feet to the fire? Or whatever those
figures of speech are.

Political accountability..........

If this was a bond for Parks or new Schools it would
have passed already.

Change The World a childish persuit ?

I am going to try and paraphrase something I recall
which was shared with me by Charles J. Givens.
I first met "Chuck" when I attended an Alpha-Mind
Power course up in Arlington Va. conducted at a little
community center. I was 14 yrs old and around the
same time frame that I flipped out on LSD. So at a
very early age my mind was blown a few different

"WHEN I WAS YOUNG I wanted to change the world,
but the world wouldnt listen and so I decided to change
my country. Try as I might I couldnt bring about the
change I sought. I tried to change my town and even my
wife but all of them just did not suit my desires. But now
that I am older and hopefully wiser I realize now that if
I had changed myself , then my wife might have seen
different, my town and even my country would have
changed and who knows I might have been able to change
the world."

When I change the way I look at life , then life
changes. It is how I choose to see things that
dictates my happiness , not the happenings.
Who do you talk with and trust with your views?
Get Connected , keep those connections open.
it's how the flow keeps going.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Year Plan to End Homelessness

Somewhere in or around 2001, President Bush declared
years. The County of Fairfax got behind the idea in year
? 2006. We finally have a "Director of the Office to Prevent
and End Homelessness" a Mr. Dean Klein.

Welcome Sir, you didnt reply to my first email.
Get settled in , I await your getting up to speed.

Welcome him and say Hello :

December 31, 2018 END of HOMELESSNESS
in Fairfax County.

Welcome to Fairfax Co , a World Class Business Location

We are certainly International now. Far different than when
a Farm House could still be seen at Rt. 123 going to Vienna
at Rt. 66. You had to then pass Effie's Family Bargain Center
on the left in Oakton as you proceeded to Nutley .
Did you know that Time Magazine calls Fairfax Co.

"one of the great economic success stories of our time".

You will find that quote on the bottom of the
Economic Development Authoritie's web site.

Wonder how much more valuable the county would
be as a business location with a 100 % housing ?
(positive goal versus power to the problem.)

We have a top rated school system ,competitive
to private school rankings teaching the 12th
largest enrollment in the United States.
We have the political will to have marketing
offices in San Francisco, Bangalore,London,
Seoul, Frankfurt, and even Tel Aviv.

Think I might just ask a few CEO's what they
think about that.

People Who Are Vulnerable, Complex & Chronically Homeless

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Quotes for Affordable Housing

Quotes by

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