Friday, May 15, 2009

Demonstrate,Involve and Empower.die

D. Change shows a hub and spoke configuration
similar to Federal/Express . Information flows in
and out of the Hub powered by thought. What is
it that you want to change?

I. Social networking goes out of its way to let you
have your say. Tell-a-friend built in so I can save
it to my email when I am on someone else's machine.

E. Share it widget so You can post it any darn place
you are already, or want to be. Someone said that it's
the thought that counts . Since you have'nt given me
permission to read your mind , click send please.

The template I call Change .org is like the
BATTLESTAR that is capable of launching CLONES
for specific causes which in turn ramp up the Monetizing
aspect which supports the REPLICATORS that are at
the local level. Franchizing the organizational framework
so that as an example: A Street Paper could be pasted
up such that National news is supplied in the regular
format by the Battlestar leaving local news to be inserted
by the Replicators. A partially created /Fill in the blanks
task. Www.NASNA.orG ( street newspaper.)

A 30 yr old report explains to me why the Template
prepares to strike when the media is hot. Tell me what
you think.


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