Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You for Joining me today!

Got a email letting me know that Jerry over
at accepted my invitation to
join over at 's EndHomelessness.
The topics covered by a Ms. Moriarty impart a
sense of understanding that is refreshing.

Now how do we do that around Fairfax?
Impart a sense of "TRUST" that is refreshing.
As great an idea as "HOMELESS CONNECT"
is thats theoretically only one day a year. So
as refreshing as that event will be, it still wont
build a sense of community here locally. Go to for more info on "Homeless-
Connect" We create an online community
like these power point presentations describe.
I think I just uttered a suggestion.

Hey! Jerry. I just made you part of an online
community.'re it. !!

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