Saturday, May 16, 2009

Students experience homelessness - for one night

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Whitman-Hanson students experience homelessness — for one night - Whitman, MA - Whitman Times

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I get the idea that one could get a PHD in persuing
homeless data. My real cynical side says to make
kids know that if they screw up this is what to expect.

If we trace the origin of homelessness by what
most people recall in the Bible as Exodus.
We then wonder if Pharoah kicked them out
as much as they might claim the freedom
viewpoint. Either side wins the debate.
The result being a people wandering in
the desert for a couple of generations.

What are we telling the children?
What are they saying? Do we tell them that
this country was built and populatedby
Europes cast offs, the wandering homeless
in the 1700's ,1800 and 1900's. This also
includes the radical religous sect's like Catholics,
Quakers and Puritans . Better to send them off
than the alternative. Early on around 1799 when
George Washington died, The likes of Jefferson
and Madison discussed this very fear. Some even
suggested involuntary servitude for anyone idle
and without land on which to then support
themselves. It took a few centuries for the
little guy to be counted.

I simply bring up a few questions that I
will try to elaborate upon for my own benefit.
If you had a national vote by Kids only ?
What would they tell us they want for their

Modern Homelessness can be traced back
to the Mental Institutions closing along
with law changes. But Government
reluctance to support and push affordable
housing thru zoning guidance is as much
the fault as anything else. We will happily
build and build Places of incarceration calling
it justice and progress. But releasing someone
out onto the street Homeless literally
guarentee's failure. Hardin,Montana has
the idea down pat.

I'll shut up for now,
Thanks and God Bless.

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