Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Political Will versus Public Trust

Will I have to get a PHD in Homelessness to
understand the political rhetoric that passes
for information? As a person diagnosed with
Major Depression it can be a bit of a task to let
these words slip past without a meeting on just
the definitions . What did I just read?

The Penny Fund for Affordable Housing has
been cut in half for 2010. And yet but its not
being used for new ?Projects? Yet we call it
The Penny Fund not the 1/2 a Penny remnant.

Everything I have gleaned here online says to
keep the postings short . Check out the web site (Subscribe 2 Newsletter)
(join as a paid member) , Tell your Church about

Does this Fund have anything directly to do with
the 10 year plan? How will THAT be funded? Do
we have a 10 year plan with political will behind
it? Or will it be like a law that has no enforcement
budget. A lion with no teeth .

I realize that I need to study the plan that has been
written in which "HOSTS" will be created that are
the doorways into the "Housing First" model. Okay.
But I believe its a legitimate concern. How are we
going to keep the feet to the fire? Or whatever those
figures of speech are.

Political accountability..........

If this was a bond for Parks or new Schools it would
have passed already.

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