Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome to Fairfax Co , a World Class Business Location

We are certainly International now. Far different than when
a Farm House could still be seen at Rt. 123 going to Vienna
at Rt. 66. You had to then pass Effie's Family Bargain Center
on the left in Oakton as you proceeded to Nutley .
Did you know that Time Magazine calls Fairfax Co.

"one of the great economic success stories of our time".

You will find that quote on the bottom of the
Economic Development Authoritie's web site.

Wonder how much more valuable the county would
be as a business location with a 100 % housing ?
(positive goal versus power to the problem.)

We have a top rated school system ,competitive
to private school rankings teaching the 12th
largest enrollment in the United States.
We have the political will to have marketing
offices in San Francisco, Bangalore,London,
Seoul, Frankfurt, and even Tel Aviv.

Think I might just ask a few CEO's what they
think about that.

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