Wednesday, October 29, 2014

knowledge does not Care.

Just reread my Blog Header.   Helps recenter my focus which
surely needs help much of the time.  Our Human Rights are
contained within our Virginia Constitution in a most basic and
simple way. And I am fairly certain that People may say they care
but they are too busy to act upon that "Care". Which means that if
I gave you the answer to the question it does not mean anything
would happen from that imparted knowledge.

     Helps to be Obsessive or simply repetitive enough that You
learn what is needed to be known. And The First Article and it's first
Section were and are just that in answer to "Why are People Homeless?".
And the Answer is also very simple even if unpalatable to your taste
and value perceptions.   Not Enough People Care.  Not enough People
Care and so Homelessness continues. Simple. Collectively We do
not care enough to make it known to Politicians that they have no

If they take their oath of Office seriously and to Heart they know better.
But like Caring....Knowing is no good without Doing Better. I am not going
to recite the words that support what I just wrote. But I will tell you that in
comparison , these words not recited,  these words make The Independence
Declaration  an abridged public relations release.                                                          ````````````````````````````````````

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