Friday, May 15, 2009


Baby Boomer Generation 1946/1964 80 million strong.
In 1996 they started turning 50 at the rate of 10,000 per day.

By 2026 they will start turning 80 yrs old, but not at the same
rate. This generation holds 70 % of the net worth of the USA.
In 1946 the USA was 6 % of the world population but made
50 % of all Goods manufactured. We grew up during the
time that EARTH DAY , EPA and H4H were just being started.
In 1970 we numbered 205 million and by 2050 that number
will have more than doubled to 430 million or so. Right now
in 2008 we are at 303 million which for comparison sake is
the same number as the entire Indian middle class. And we
would have to cancel Christmas if something happens to the
Chinese people . They are where we are getting the goods
manufactured today.

When we reach 2050 most all of the 80 million called Baby
Boomers will be gone. Their Children will take over the 65
and up population. 2008 may be the moment in time that
inexpensive energy becomes redefined. Many of the things
we took for granted are becoming redefined. A new lexicon
is being written because of emerging values . Being part of
that redefinition taking place will help insure that hearts
and minds are changed.

More than 230 million people of that 430 million est. for
2050 have yet to be born. If we reduced our energy use
by 33% over the next 42 years we would still be using the
same amount of energy as today. The price of housing will
continue upwards as will utilities to power them.

If living on the street causes depression as it tears down
the mental constructs of what was ,it makes way for what
can and will be. Only 73,000,000 who are here today
will be around in 2050. And still there will be more than
127,000,000 more than now. Seems to make me think
that all those SRO's are going to Senior Residence
OOOOOO. Oh ! somethings

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