Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change The World a childish persuit ?

I am going to try and paraphrase something I recall
which was shared with me by Charles J. Givens.
I first met "Chuck" when I attended an Alpha-Mind
Power course up in Arlington Va. conducted at a little
community center. I was 14 yrs old and around the
same time frame that I flipped out on LSD. So at a
very early age my mind was blown a few different

"WHEN I WAS YOUNG I wanted to change the world,
but the world wouldnt listen and so I decided to change
my country. Try as I might I couldnt bring about the
change I sought. I tried to change my town and even my
wife but all of them just did not suit my desires. But now
that I am older and hopefully wiser I realize now that if
I had changed myself , then my wife might have seen
different, my town and even my country would have
changed and who knows I might have been able to change
the world."

When I change the way I look at life , then life
changes. It is how I choose to see things that
dictates my happiness , not the happenings.
Who do you talk with and trust with your views?
Get Connected , keep those connections open.
it's how the flow keeps going.

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