Monday, May 31, 2010

"Give US your poor"

As part of a strategy for survival, I searched out knowledge
about homelessness.I would look forward to spending my
2 hour limit online in pursuit of Answers.What help was available,
who was involved in the help you could seek? Whatever
came to mind I looked down that hallway. Without knowing
what I was up to I intuitively sought a sense of empowerment
and satisfaction.

At some point I discovered a source of information at
Change dot org. which has different issues addressed including
Homelessness. I started to comment on the Blog.
I had started here a few months maybe ahead of finding Change
and had been working on my writing strengths . Writing allows me
to refine my thoughts. Communication has been a sore spot for me
all my life. Making my point as well as seeing if I could create
a conversation . My command of knowledge satisfies the
empowerment aspect of a renewed sense of self respect
that Homelessness can strip away.

How do I make a point and yet invite a response?
What is the point I am trying to make? Is that point clear?
Have I unlocked the feeling and given it words? Am I telling
the truth , the whole truth ? Do I own my words and
confidently express myself? Have I found my voice?

I recieved an invitation to write a piece for another Blog
It was an opportunity to seek my expression of the findings
I had concluded from all my searching , both outside and
 inside of myself. It came as a simple friendship request at
Change dot org..Apparently something I had written in
response to a blog post had caught John McGaw's attention.
John is the Executive Director of "Give US your Poor"dot org 
which He invited me to at first take a look at. I responded with
some of my thinking about the web site.One thing leads to another
and I was invited to write about what I have come to believe is
the next hurdle in the process of Respectfully dealing with

What  do you believe is the next step towards ending homelessness?

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