Monday, May 31, 2010

Karl Marx was right?

The idea that Housing is a right goes along with
exclusion from Housing is an "externalized" punitive.
A punishment . A punishment that lets "these" people
know they can't _________ and expect any help
with housing. Apparently in the Political consciousness
some are or have been expected to suffer for their sins
even after paying their DEBT TO SOCIETY.

So too then has Homelessness been used as a mechanism
of our creation serving to be the consequence of  our actions,
our behaviors.So by neglect, by omission, we have allowed
this to continue.But like Victorian Sex , we dare not speak this
taboo. Just the mention of certain topics can make for hesitation.
Like saying Karl Marx was right.    Have I labeled myself a
communist?  A Marxist? Hope not.

The "audacity" of such a question?  Who am I to ask this
a question?Anything that puts a dark light on Capitalism
seems out of bounds. This Societal control mechanism
"GOES WITHOUT SAYING'.  The neglect we tolerate
in order to fit in? Commodity Fetishism  that Marx saw as
a result of Capitalism  comes to us in the form of
"The American Dream".The fringe of society wont just
disappear nicely. The first two rungs on the housing ladder
don't exist any longer. Can't they get the message?

The law of the jungle acted out in a system that goes to
the Highest Bidder.The Best political representation money
can buy.  Blame it on the Economy? Who or what is this
Economy? The focus of our Capitalism is the stockholders,
the owners . If you are not an owner you are not part of the
Dream. Why did Thomas Jefferson advocate for universal
home ownership? A rather novel idea at the time coming out
of a Royal dilemma.  New rules in a New World.

When we pursue the safety everyone believes is theirs
 ,we might then see past the delusion called the American Dream.
Attack the Dream and Capitalism will attack back.
Even at the expense of our democracy.

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