Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewers ,Storm drainage and Man hole covers.

A Half Penny for People .
One and a half for infrastructure.

In the rush to build housing in the early 50's
and 60's builders even used Cardboard for
Sewer pipes. The sins of our fathers ?

I default to hopeful  thoughts whenever I
encounter sad facts about our past adventures.
Hope springs eternal  has been replaced by
Delusions and Denials. The American Dream
creates more "Carbon Footprints" than the
motorized chariots cause.

Seeing the whole picture now takes a
concerted effort while all the screaming
Blue Meanies strive to steal our attention.
Whatever layer of sediment seems important
at the time does distract our attention and
will as we remove ourselves more and more
from the old self suffiency model when we
were connected and responded to the changing

This connection dictated role models we chose
to call Family values. The Family Values are the
basis of our societal "contract". For some of us that
remains true and for others it does not. Ergo the
conflict in priorities.

The best I can say is the differences in society exist
simultaneously and can best be explained by the explosion
of reality based shows which we would prefer not to
acknowledge as "real".  We delude ourselves that our lives
are secure from these abnormalities and deny that "it" could
happen to us. We disdain at the sight of such things.
It's a reactive dislike for what we see in this mirror of
life ,rejection or revulsion, probably both.

How else could some of us "feel" better about ourselves
than to have someone else judged as less , as bad, as inferior.
This negative attribute of "Society" exists in large enough
numbers of people that it hides behind values that support
privilege above Right.  The Aristocracy of George III hides
in plain view here in America in the Land Lords, the property
owners. Each a King to their own Castle.  The American Dream
needs it Nightmares.   How else does one know one is a King
then to have Paupers and servants, some "opposite" in which
to compare oneself to.

HomeOwners need the Homeless in order to feel just that
 warmer and snug in their beds at night.  Zoning overlooks
the Pauper and hardly cares about the servants.
If Zoning is a reflection of Society in action then it is clear
that Society Zones itself a cushion from the Poverty it supports.

Clearly 20 per cent of our population has poverty statistics
and as best can be government and poverty supported only
65 Per cent avail themselves with HomeOwnership per a
40 year plus track record. So all can not be summed up
as simply as outlined here, but elements exist in large enough
concentration that it's "values" are represented.

So, buried beneath a facade of concern ,one simply needs to
dig past that surface and uncover the actions taking place .
Taking place before the concerns of peoples Rights .
Rights that are the foundation and basis of our societal

At a penny and a half per 100 dollars of assessed value ,our
property tax in Fairfax county struggles to maintain a Billion
dollars of existing concrete sewers and storm drains. Who
could find fault with that?   Yet we play politics with the lives
that would use this concrete by reducing the Penny Fund to
1/2 a cent.  And keeping it at that while the Federal funding
retreats like a Newfoundland low tide.

We certainly must maintain our ageing infrastructure. No
question it's money well spent.  100 year flood planes must
be protected.  Protecting our Ageing population, protecting
those unable to care for themself too, is a people first
Right. Everyone should have their own ManHole cover
to call home.

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