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Two Cents

MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

Our Two Cents Worth. (part one)


This letter is in response to Zoning Administrations
request for ideas that address
  our county's
deficit of minimum expense modest Affordable 
that offer privacy ,safety and security.

This letter is both a reply as well as an effort to inform
and Advocate for positive action while being the first
time the  individual signers may have seen this

This Zoning letter requests  feedback  but does not 
indicate what the RSU status is. Open Space or Great
Rooms versus MINI Apartments? 

What is the next step? 

County Zoning already has limits.
Existing limits that have been in 
place for some time now.

Fairfax County website:
bedroom for  1       70     sq. ft.     7x10
bedroom for 2      100     sq.ft.   10x10
bedroom for 3      150     sq.ft.    10x15 /window exits all.

Why are RSU's  For 1 to 3 people a problem?
                           (residential Studio unit)

 Known as Efficiency/ Studio unit in Arlington,
Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax City etcetera.      
Even in limited supply in 
 Fairfax County. 
nits range from 310 sq.ft 
514 sq. ft.
   including  bath,kit., closets, living  .
  55 Apartment Complexes reviewed.

BY RIGHT " solutions that include
the small real estate investor can create 10 to 15%
of the projected housing needs we are facing . 
We can  call them"Interested parties" if it is
simpler to understand and apply.  Many
people want to help .

This VITAL ADDITION is  needed to
accommodate the housing growth of our County's
population ,now and  the future, It is invaluable!!
and urgently needed ..we need to start now. 
We needed action 10 years ago. Inaction only
insures a continued housing squeeze which
will force housing prices in this county to
Increase by "DESIGN".  

 Owners   received a $26 savings over 2010. 
tax rate per 100 valuation still went up
regardless. 400,000 x $26.oo =  $10,400,000.
10 to 12 group homes could have been built
that could have Housed  120 people with
severe chronic mental health concerns.
SSDI/SSI income would offset an estimated
$ 25,000 per month expenses. Medicaid would
have relieved the County of Health care costs.
 120 individuals
 representing the County's greatest
uncovered  and unrecoverable externalized 

The letter states that this housing unit 
discriminates against Families. Which is correct
but only because the choice supported the hope to
make them affordable in the numbers that have 
been projected.  SRO ,  Single Room Occupancy
 attempts to struggle with cost containment.

So is this the product of 5 years? To tell us we
asked for the wrong thing?  I am confused.

 This limitation even discriminates against 
 Housing  segment it is purported to serve.
Landlords and Funding sources have their 
occupancy. Zoning need not limit it.  

Residency mixes can be dictated 
by income as 
at Fairfax Co.'s Gum Springs Glen. 

Gum Spring Glen 1 bedrooms are comparably small. 
So, one of many questions, 
Does it takes 5 years to
read our 
 own web site (strike team reference above)
to tell 
 us we can't do something ? Actually an obvious
"DON'T WANT TO DO"?          Seems that way?

Excuse us if this is the wrong conclusion.


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