Monday, September 15, 2014

Still Alive

Turtles have Shells
Still ticking along. Nothing in Government happens
quickly.So that's why I say"Still Ticking"and ever
ready to share my truth.That theVirginia Constitution
Supports Our Right to Housing.

Article 1 Section 1 is impossible without an
expectation of Privacy and that "Covers"
Housing. Oh, yes Privacy is not Enumerated ,
just as other Rights Retained are not listed.

Of Course in Politics (regarding Obtainment),
the concept of Common Sense gets quickly abused. But by applying
some Common sense in a Common Wealth , words like Property,
Happiness and Safety ought to be seen as Combining into a "Home"
and "Homes" are also known as "Houses" . Bee's have Hives and
People create Boxes called House's.

The Big Trick involved here is snapping out of our Mass hypnotic
state of Mind  which immediately triggers the Declaration of Independence's
Fabled words....The Pursuit of Happiness. But that was approved by consent
after the Virginia Declaration of Rights was approved by Consent. And the
wording specifically says  "Pursue and Obtain".

We accept token behaviors created by Politicians that are unfunded and
unfundable but appear to address this OBTAINABILITY. But in truth only
act as pacifiers. Lip service but not actionable.

The excuse being "We don't have the Money".  The Economy this or that.
Welcome to Never Never Land folks. The place where anything is possible.
But Not now. Not Just Yet.  Not not not knotheads!  The Ghordian Knotheads.
That state of Hypnotism combined with depressed expectations resides.

We could never look so closely at the real blockade in place that we support
at the same time we attempt to manage the Symptoms that support creates.
What I just said is we cause the problem and then complain about the damage
and abuse it makes.  Sure keeps us busy while not addressing the malady.

Article 1 Section 1 addresses that Malady in it's totality. Something we totally
don't understand, But it just keep's a tickin, Common Wealth sounds so Socialistic
and nearly Communistic ,but a contract is a Contract.

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