Friday, June 5, 2009

Affordable Housing Ramble

My thoughts started at Affordable Housing and went up north
to a place made cold by the thoughts of money ,scarcity and lack.
Market forces? What does that really say to you? to me ?

Supply and Demand and now to reverse those
words to imply a different relationship. Demand
and supply. As I play with these words it becomes
a bit clearer.If I have the supply then I certainly
dont want a lesser demand.
Reframe this thought........2050 we shall see a
population increase of say 33% . So If I drag my feet
these next 42 years and purposely supply less than
the demand I can certainly have an expectation of
being Rich a few times. So long as the price of my product
can be met while i construct the houses and get them
delivered I can stay ahead of the economy.

There is no reason for me to want to share this knowledge
as Some are aware enough to figure this out and the others
can bumb along for the ride. The economic momentum stops
with a recession. Projects take 36 months to come out of
planning with approvals.

Deep deep pockets can see past that distant horizon.
The ones who can keep plugging along are the first wave
of potential winners. Those with cash see the returns made
on the money. The ones leveraged can topple due to lack of
foundation depth. How fast the economy comes to a stop is
the madness seen recently. Hugely leveraged operations are
better off coming to a stop slowly if they must stop at all under
the guidance of Bankruptcy law.

So I worry how many years it will take for a political force to push
Affordable Housing numbers up high enough that Homelessness
isnt used as a measure of Collateral damage. An Opportunist/
Capitalist has no motivation to engage in a mature effort to
meet housing demands. Zoning laws must act as the behaviour
modifier. Political will must confront the fact that Big Money
will not support these efforts until it see's repercusions and
consequences of it's own making.

I have said it before. This country was founded
on the homeless of Europe shipping over . This means
also that Politicians have kicked this problem around
for centuries.

Affordable must be defined bottom up and
top down so that we can meet in the middle.

Because if you havent noticed ,by creating different
definitions for the same word we are effectively
divided by semantics and that is why we must have
one definition that all can agree on .

From there we can pool our talents
and resources and create the change we seek.

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