Monday, June 22, 2009

Population,Energy,Transportation,and Affordable Housing Trends

Joining up Transportation,Housing,
and Enviromental Policy
by John Puentes

Get your coffee and sit down for this one .

We have an article over at Planetizen dot com which tells about 3 Branches
of Government getting together to discuss Affordable Housing.
A Brookings Institute writer is impressed, I actuallythink things
might get to happening. D.O.T. , H.U.D. , and The EPA all in the same room .
And another thing is mentioned that Blows my mind...... ,

We have a projection of 213 billion Sq. Ft. of Housing,Retail and Commercial
need to be built Nationally by 2030. The 64,000 workforce housing units
the TERWILIGER ULI report stresses for FAIRFAX makes me feel that a
24/7 effort ought to be underway already. Thats only 20 yrs. out.

If you look into the population projections and Median Age shifting upward
from 26 yrs to 37 yrs by 2050 you start to see that 50 yr. planning is essential.
Take a look at these graphs , the time warp is the baby boomer generation.
Notice the upward growth trajectory declined a touch in 1860 and 1930
We seem to be going straight up now, no more gradual inclines. The ability
to mash up the goals of these Departments should give us Transportation
and Energy Efficient Affordable Housing. Expense and cost are finally
Bt 2050 17 Developed countries will have a median age over 50.
6 million people anticipated to be 100 yrs of age by 2050. And as I
have said before only 75 million people in the US alive today will be
alive in 2050 of the more than 400 million population projected.
Have a good read.

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