Saturday, June 20, 2009

LIVING ON..............regardless.

You tend to watch expenses when you are living
off of gifts from friends, call it handouts if you
wanted to, but I will continue to call them gifts.

General Relief in Fairfax comes once a "review"
is completed by a Dr. . So a professional opinion.
But they direct you to apply for Social Security
as a condition. An intake person sorts us thru
at the very start. Then A Doctor examines you
and if the Dr. agrees you receive an amt. based
on your having proven a disability. They give Food
Stamps too. Combined amt. at the time was
$380 or so.

If you are inside a dwelling and are contributing
to the household or just your space they sort thru
that to determine assistance you are getting already
if any and then decide whatever they decide.
I understood that I was headed for Homelessness
while still not yet evicted . I simply surrendered to
my situation, my Depression. And asked for help.

And in the process began receiving $220 per month.
Nobody offered or suggested rental help . The landlord
wanted to keep me if there had been a way. But I didn't have
a clue and was not about to make a hopeful promise to pay
at some point in the future which I couldn't keep.

So I suspect that eviction help is only for families?
Or these servants are editing and judging who must
really need the help. The Nurse Practitioner I saw first
basically told that to me. But then they would have
responded that the case manager's job covers the mention
of Housing, not the Prescriber of the medicines.

Not my job, not my job either, my job? , not my Job.

I was only directed to a shelter. And where is the door
you knock on looking for help with housing????
Please tell me where that is please.

So you only learn what they tell you. $220 per month,
but not why or how. Yet the rules tell you to that you keep
them immediately up to date. So I got into a Shelter and
the G.R. was cut to $74. Since I was receiving housing
shelter from a county provider. At the per bed cost of $1150
per month including 2 meals a day, case manager, and classes
that I was coerced to take. In the 'HOUSING READY"
theme. So now I am paying rent? $150 per month?
And someday they will think I am ready.

Not really, When I was out of the shelter ( another story)
I found out then that I still only would recieive $74 as a
Homeless person. The $220 is for those with a Housing
expense. Misconceptions are perpetuated in a passive
aggressive way?

A. $220 is housing assistance once you subtract $74. from it.
But when was I to figure that out? Am I guessing ?
B. Accepting $220 also means I am not Homeless. Not by H.U.D definition
and therefor totally ineligible,if i had.
C. And I had to show via an Examination I was / am disabled.
This isn't kids stuff ,this is adults jumping through hoops.
D. If you aren't disabled then you are eligible for? Only Food Stamps?
Now I know why they pan handle for beer and cigs. They being
those people who have done so. I couldn't afford to be Homeless
if I still smoked. Sharing a cigarette happens alot too.

So I have maintained a storage space in Chantilly with the
$74 General relief. Technically I am paying rent, just not
residential rent.

And this month I learn that Giant and Safeway gave up
trying to compete with Wal Mart. $4.00 regular 30 day
generics at Wal mart was $23. at Giant and $42. at Safeway.
The woman one place stared right thru me , and the man
at the other place at least agreed that these corporations
like treating the public like Fools. $4.00 is a small amt.
to most people. It once was for me. But no longer.

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