Monday, June 8, 2009

Definiens Definiendum

Definitions in Government vary,depends on which agency
you go to. They all get to re-invent the A,B,C's. And all this
time you thought you were confused? I didn't learn this quickly
at all, so off I charged using my best thinking and searching
out information scattered over what feels like the known
universe. Information by itself doesnt mean a thing in little
pieces until you can cement it together, just like bricks dont
build a home by themselves. Putting it together will not make
sure it stays together. Ouch ! The subtle nature of semantics
can get one past you in a heart beat. I used the word "CHRONIC"
in a past post as my poster child for this. You can continue once
you look up the meaning............

Now that you are back let me say that you made
a few assumptions if you didnt get your definition
at simply because that is the
only definition that matters if you want their money.
Throw out the window all your logic and determine
what,who,why, where first. Make sure you remember
to retrieve that logic, just dont be so sure at the start
that you know anything.

George Bush said they wanted
in 10 years not "HOMELESSNESS" itself.
Yes, 360 communities nationwide have
adopted a 10 year plan to end homelessness
and that includes Fairfax, Virginia.
But a uninformed reporter with no contextual
background can twist things around in a
New York second while being sincere .

That is why I am sure that without an
official dictionary of words and what they
mean to us when we deal with any part of
the government we continue to allow political
double speak which just passes off the payment
to our Grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

The practice used in Bills to explain
the exact nature of the intent and such.
But not everyday or cross borders into
other councils and such. So much can be
said while remaining mute this way. Closing
this road with a functional dictionary would
make finding what you need to find so much
easier and the 2nd cousin of the R word "reliable."


defined in such a way that
WE ALL AGREE upon it's
relevance and WHY WE WILL
From the Bottom up
and the top down
so that we meet in
the middle.

God!!! Wouldn' t that be a a miracle .

Somewhere along the way the symptoms of
unmet Affordable Housing needs veered off
course and created seperate lesser problems.
It may be the biggest thing in my life right now,
but I really dont want more company in my parking lot.
The true reflection of our attitudes towards
Human Rights may be showing in that we allow
this deficit to persist, and please disagree if you
need to. If some push and others pull we
may just get out of this rut,

Homeless in Fairfax

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