Saturday, June 20, 2009

Behind Door #1 please

This isn't a Game Show, as much as I wish
that it was. What is behind Door#1 is the
first housing option I hope to be offered
some time in the future. I suspect that
I will gladly accept any offer received and
That is Behind Door #1.

My Social Security stipend would be around
$700 per month, meaning that I would pay
rent in the amount of $210 per month using
the 30% guideline before any medicine costs
and I am not sure what that would be at this

I would lose my membership at South County
Health Clinic. Last I heard any Homeless person
was eligible for at least 6 months treatment .
Thats worth checking out. They do make you
prove a lot of info before accepting new members.

The Emergency rooms around town are INOVA.
You might get immediate help but you will go
begging for the prescription costs. So if you can
stress this to the DR. and try for generic. Then
you ought to get them at Wal Mart with a call
only by phone, but they can direct you to help.

With Social Security I would then qualify for
Medicaid. So I am not looking forward to the
Changeover. And Then Food stamps change
too. So I am really humbled that this is what
I am hoping for right now. The Average SSI
or SSDI check nationwide is about $700.

A "normal" household considers Utilities to
be about 3 to 5 % of income. The average
Electric bill nationwide is $90. Thats not
5% to me. Thats 12-15% , or a $270 amt.
to your $90. And phones dont count?

We will find out someday.

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