Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Values begin as a Negative number?

We take children from their parents. Because the
parents became homeless and this taking can
traumatize the kids , but we still maintain that it's for
their own good (shades of Alice Miller) . Or was it
that we wanted to traumatize the parents too?

Now like Housing First, indicators reveal that it
is less expensive , 5 times less,to keep the family
together than it is to terrorize it apart .

On it's face it seems that children are being held
above the fair housing act by being excluded
from having to Go homeless. Their parents be damned.
But "WE" know whats good for others as long as it seems
a cheap alternative. .Churn this around some. Explore
your belief system. Be brutally honest with yourself.
You dont have to admit anything to anybody else.
Get real. Does the "future" not depend on what
we do in the present? Is it more so that there is
only a succession of nows? When the Future does
get here it's only now? We teach by example and
they learn by watching what we do.

We discriminate against the adults. We will herd
adults around from camp ground to camp ground.

We are finding out that we have been wrong
by wasting money and that is what we truly
valued. ...the money. Excuse me but your Life
does not seem to be of any value, please move

But , God may this be true, what I really see
is that parents have been included into the grace
we show children, or thought we were showing
them , to be more precise. The inHumanity we
put up with displays the lack of respect we consider
acceptable for ourselves.

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This Human Rights stuff is primal .

If I confront your Love of children understand this.
What we do by pretending love only leaves our mess
for our Grandchildren and their Grandchildren to clean up.
Isn't that what we are really teaching them to pass on?

Here is what I have been going on about.
Featured: June 25, 2009Every Child Deserves the Right to Housing.
Waters introduces resolution on children's right to housing .

Today the Chair of the House Subcommittee on Housing and
Community Opportunity, Maxine Waters, introduced a House
Resolution 582 supporting the right to housing for
all children together with their families.

The resolution recognizes that as Americans, we believe
our children shouldn't be denied the right to be housed together
with their families based on what neighborhood you live in,
or how much money you make.

Click here to read more.

May 21, 2009Suit Filed Against City of St. PetersburgSouthern
Legal Counsel (SLC), Florida Institutional Legal Services (FILS),
and the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (NLCHP)
filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday on behalf of a class of
homeless plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of a number
of ordinances and practices that target homeless individuals living
in St. Petersburg.

Click here to read more.
June 19, 2009Stop Discrimination Against HomelessEarlier this week,
a UN Expert on Racism, Mr. Githu Muigai, introduced his report to the
United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the his visit to the
United States in May and June of 2008, condemning the disparate
law enforcement efforts against African American homeless persons
in Los Angeles' Skid Row.

Click here to read more. Insult to Injury: Violations of the Violence Against Women Act
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Determining HomelessnessA Defintion
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