Saturday, June 20, 2009

Connect the Dots

It seems to me that a day doesn't pass that I don't learn about
a new organization thats been in existence 20 or more years.
The age isnt so important as is the overwhelming feeling that
I will never be able to grasp whats going on. The automatic
response to a problem is to create a solution. And the next
thing you know a new 501 c-3 is in the cooker.

As new philanthropists seek out ways to serve this
community, we find consolidating efforts like a
VOLUNTEER MATCH and smaller data collecting
efforts such as GUIDESTAR out of Williamsburg,Va.
Just comprehending whats in Fairfax by itself is daunting.
Never had need to use the word Daunting til this moment,
and now it does fit . The information is still not centrally
locatable. If as I suspect ,most people do not have the
compulsive drive That I am using now as I persue my
answers, then at some point they go to the most

Non-Profits acting as branch offices of County
services is great. Except no one tells you thats
what happening. No Overview of services is presented.
The Case managers , well , everytime I turn around I
had another one. Each place I go to had one for me.
At this point I could arrange a training seminar for them .
And I know I dont know nearly whats needed and whats
available. Hidden behind the curtain the great and wonderful
Oz knows. But are they telling? Each one is posturing for
the camera , thats for sure.

Online now we are seeing the use of TAGS.
These are like memory joggers which help you group
and retrieve information via the TAGS. We also have
a hierarchy of concerns that an organization is persuing.
Anything to help a person find and understand what they
are looking at. The amount of time and energy a group
spends on its core objectives can be enhanced with a
system that sorts through the Blurr. Connecting the dots
between those that share similar affinities ought to help
accelerate the positive outcomes that no longer are resource
wasteful. But allowing them to stay separated respects
the character of each . Even just networking would
improve the prospects for all.

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