Sunday, June 14, 2009

There, I said it !!

Since we Virginia residents pay a sales tax on
purchases. I believe it's 5.5 cents per dollar ?
Let us tax our property tax. In a comparitive

Sales tax on every dollar. The perception of?
Why not add 6 cents on every $100 of that
assessed valuation, present it as a seperate tax?
So lets get AFFORDABLE HOUSING on track
and get these people off the streets. By attending
to the need and adding 6 cents per $100 to the
Real Estate tax .A 27 million per Penny yields
162 million per year. If thats off by a few million
per penny then oops. Minimizing the comparison
and maximizing the positive human benefits.

My plea is that we create a baseline of building
which includes revitalization of Urban locations
which are location efficient to the bottom dwellers
of the Affordable Index. Working the Bottom up.
This base of positive activity can crank out
production even in "down times " because we
know that the cycle has nothing to do with
the volume of Affordable Houses needed by
our experienced study of the growth

Scarcity only supports those selling.
A show of strength by Affordabilty
Advocates would clearly help make this
obvious . Building a base of units inspire
a more accurate look at this spiritual malady
hidden within the Affordability syndrome.
Why we have been unable to allow this
human rights issue to fester and persist.

In a 10 year time span we would channel
about 1.5 billion to Affordable Housing. The
ULI Terwiliger Workforce Housing initiative
suggests 65000 workforce units by 2025.

Thats the need for housing units just in fairfax
and is not the total projected need, just the
Workforce affordable segment. 15 years equates
to about 4325 units each year. That first year
might surpass SRO and such for the Homeless.

This wont solve our projected needs without 9 more years
of effort . With 50 % leverage this would buy 2 billion worth
of property. A 2 bedroom at an average of $200,000 is 500
cash so 1000 extends the 100 million with a 30 to 62 million
reserve. 10 x 1000 only yields 10,000. units in 10 years.
Call that a 10 year plan. The Intuitive 10 yr.plan.

Take care of Affordability and Homelessness diminishes
dramaticaly. If we take til 2018 to build these units to end
homelessness we collide with affordability deficits. Solve
two problems with the same efforts. Tweet ,Tweet for

Homeless in Fairfax

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